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Pizza in 2 minutes in Dubai

July 20, 2016 Admin

Dubai: The wait for your favourite pizza with the right toppings and the perfect crust can often become an indefinite one when you are hungry.

Not at 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, the urbane American pizza chain that’s gradually spreading its wings across Dubai malls, where the pizza you order lands on your table in less than two minutes flat thanks to their designer wood-fired oven where specially imported logs burn at, as the chain’s name suggests, 800 degrees Celsius (we went to the MoE outlet). The best thing about the pizzas here is that the freshly prepared dough is just perfectly baked in that much time (they wouldn’t serve them otherwise) as are the toppings that come with an unusual sylvan essence about them.


All you need to do is first choose a crust from the original neapolitan to thin crust to 95 per cent gluten-free, then pick one of the five uniquely constructed bases (bufalina, bianca, marinara, verde, margherita) and over 20 add-ons as toppings to let their pizza experts create magic.

Choosing the toppings from a huge array of fresh ingredients to build your own pizza can get a bit daunting for many, especially the first-timers but the overall experience is quite a novelty.

If you are on a health trip, you could, however, guiltlessly abandon looking at their pizzas and go for their salads instead - insalata di tonno, a great tuna salad made with pepper friggitelli, sweet corn, tomato slices and red onions drizzled with olive oil, or carpaccio di manzo replete with slices of carpaccio, fresh arugula, capers and shavings of classic parmesan cheese.

There’s a range of other items - from fresh burratas to soups to meatballs to broccolinis as well but it’s the pizza that rules the roost here.