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Live Cooking at the newly opened 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria in Bur Juman

August 19, 2016 Admin

The newly opened 800 Degrees in Bur Juman Centre was buzzing for lunch when i entered to attend the Live Cooking event by Ritu’s @fussfree.

It had been 3 days since it opened and i could already see how popular the brand was with people working in the area. I especially loved this embossed up on their wall.

I have had their food before and had loved it then for the quality and wood fired taste in their pizzas. But then, i had not had their pasta’s and this time i really liked what Ritu made using their ingredients.

We started off with the CEO, Manish Jeswani, telling us all about the brand and how they plan to expand. They already have about 4 locations and plan to open more!

Then came the yummy Tomato soup which was creamy and served with a delicious piece of crispy Ciabatta. I am not a big fan of soup’s but this one had the perfect punch.

After the soup, we were served the Burrata Salad with cherry tomatoes and pesto. For those who like Burrata like i do, this can be a nice meal in itself. The Burrata is fresh and not heavy at all.

Then came the most delicious of the lot – the Fire Feta Cheese Bread – which is a mix Spicy Feta, Olive Oil, Garlic, Fontina Cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano. I love Feta and so this for me is every better than Pizza! The combination of the spicy feta with the garlic hits the right spot and the woodfire taste adds to the deliciousness.

After devouring all these dishes, we started with the live cooking where Ritu showed us the ingredients that were mixed to make the Pasta Sauce with an addition of Italian Olive Oil.

I was surprised seeing the hazelnuts but it added that crunch to the sauce and i now know how restaurants get the sauce so thick. It was tasty to say the least.

However the trick to coating the pasta fully with the sauce is not mixing it but flipping it in the pan which the chef did perfectly and Voila! We got to devour some really good freshly made pink sauce pasta. The chef did add a bit of cream to this.

Then we moved on to making Pesto Pizza.

I don’t like pesto in my pizza because i feel it becomes bitter. But a bite of this had me wondering why was it not tasting bitter.

And Ritu told us that the secret ingredient to this twist was pineapple. Due to the sweetness of pineapple, the bitterness of pesto tends to go down and to admit, i really liked the combination (even though i can never eat pizza with pineapple, or so i thought!) No wonder her recipes are sought after!

And here was a unique, delicious Pizza which was light and full of flavour!

We ended this amazing meal with Tiramisu which was apt for my sweet cravings!

And upon leaving i saw this perfect deal they had during lunch hours which will have me going back again very soon!

Great experience and amazing food. Fresh and full of quality ingredients. The best part? It’s made right in front of your eyes due to their open assembly line style kitchen.