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800 Degree Neapolitan Pizzeria

February 28, 2017 Admin

800 Degree Pizzeria is a role model to many newbies’ in the local market. Despite making their debut only towards the end of last year, the brand has grown to 5 outlets across Dubai just within this short span. All these 5 outlets are located in busy malls, thereby making their presence known to the public. This is mainly due to the successful strategic planning of the franchise owner Mr Manish Jeswani.

I happened to have a conversation with him and he said that his main objective is to make the chain as Dubai's top pizzeria. He has promised for an outlet to be opened in the upcoming Dubai Parks & Resorts, which is expected to open later this year (2016).

The American brand is with the concept of recreating the same essence of the an original pizza that was crafted in Naples back in the 18 century.It was mainly  intended to feed masses by the use wood burning bread ovens. The key aspect that keeps 800 Degree Pizzeria unique among the others in the category is the use of simple thin crust pizzas, with sauces which are a mix of traditional and some secret add on's. Thus, the hot oven pizzas have a special character of being soft and chewy along with a char flavoring.

The traditional ingredients are given utmost importance and are used in a professional manner. Italian grown tomatoes, locally made fresh mozzarella, and handcrafted crust made with flour from the ancient Molino Caputo in Naples are the key ingredients in the preparation of any pizza.

Over and above the set menu, the brand also offers the options of customization. They believe that everyone has a professional masterpiece pizza, and it is important for each to discover it.

I was invited for the bloggers event, which was held in the MOE (Mall of the Emirates) outlet. that is located on level 3 right next to  VOX cinemas. The event was organized by 800 Degrees Pizzeria in collaboration with Yardstick Marketing, Dubai. Mr Manish and his team has been able to recreate the standard concept across all outlets in Dubai.

The outlet in MOE offers spacious seating premises with a walkway along the kitchen side to view the skillful crafting of the dishes. As mentioned, the interiors remained standard in all outlets with black and white checkered tile flooring and simple wooden chairs with marble tabletop. Every table was neatly organized and adorned with basic sprinklers, napkins, plates and cutleries.

During the event, the set menu was placed in front of every guest with an option to pick from vegetarian and non-vegetarian. To start off the tasting, yummy tomato soup was served to the table, which was warm and creamy. I am not a big fan of soups, but this one was very soothing and rich with flavors. The blend of fresh plum tomatoes with onion, celery and carrots was very rejuvenating. To add on, a piece of crispy Ciabatta was served as a side.

Following the soup, the servers served the healthy Buratta Salad with Pesto sauce and fresh veggies. The combination of wild arugula, and cherry tomatoes with rocket leaves was an ideal pick for a healthy eater.

After the soup and salad came the most delicious “Fire Feta Cheese Bread”. The spicy feta was finely prepared with olive oil, Fontina cheese, Parmigianino Reggiano and garlic. Although it may sound a mouthful it was light and pleasant. The flavor of wood fire simply added to the taste and aroma. #HighlyRecommended

The pollo pasta was served next on the table. The creamy pesto sauce prepared from fresh basil and pine nuts with cream tossed over fresh Italian penne pasta was truly delicious. The pollo pasta was served with ciabatta
For main course pizza, we were served the signature Campagnola with an option of veg and non-veg. The freshly crafted pizzas had a Bianca base; with fresh mozzarella instead of tomato sauce. Olive oil, Garlic, Parmigianino Reggiano and Oregano were the common ingredients used for both. The veg campagnola’s was topped with tomato and zucchini and for the non-veg it was beef tenderloin, basil, zucchini, and gorgonzola.

And as my sweet cravings never end, I was really looking forward to trying the tiramisu. And I must say, it was the key HIGHLIGHT of the gathering. The creamy and spongy layers with strong essence of coffee was literally a “Yummy in my Tummy” feeling. #Sweettooth

Overall, it was great try! Good space, with good service and quality