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'I can eat pasta, every single day!'

February 23, 2017 Admin

'I can eat pasta, every single day!' - Accaria Rosario Giuseppe, Master Piazzolo, 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria

What's your earliest childhood kitchen memory?

I started cooking at a very young (for my brothers and sisters) age. With a lot of experiments and the aim to achieve perfection in terms of taste and quality, I got better at it and soon cooking turned into a hobby. I realised I was good at it. Plus, I enjoyed playing the host - watching the guests eat what I had prepared made me happy. It was at that point that I decided to take up cooking as a profession.

Do you spend time in your home kitchen?

Yes. I love cooking for my family - especially their favourite dishes.

What's your favourite dish?

E Fagioli, a traditional Italian dish, which means pasta and beans. I like adding beef to it. It's extremely tasty and filling. The aroma of fagioli is simply divine.

What do you order (or not) at a restaurant that you have never been to?

I order a pizza, as I am curious to see how different chefs prepare this simple and quick dish. Also, I love to observe the combinations of crusts, sauces, and toppings. I avoid any kind of fried items.

Any cookbook authors that you refer to?

Carlo Cracco and Alessandro Borghese.

A culinary skill that you've mastered?

Making a perfect dough - it has taken me years of practice and perseverance. The first thing one needs to learn about preparing a pizza is slapping the dough. It's all about the right crust.

A chef you look up to?

I admire Master Giuseppe from Napoli Bella Italia.

What is your favourite food destination?

I'd love to visit the US. I'd like to sample the amazing variety of cuisines there.

A dish that is on your wish list?

A spicy Buffalo Beef Steak, grilled or cooked in open flame.

What are your favourite Middle-Eastern dishes?

Hummus with Tahini, Kebabs, and Falafels.

In five words, describe the 'behind the scenes' of a kitchen.

Fast. Organised. Hygiene. Controlled. Perfection.

If not a chef, what would you have been?

I can't imagine being anything else. Maybe, an astronaut because space is beautiful!